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Talk Therapy

Talk therapy is the most famous treatment for mental illness. It calls to mind images of men lying on sofas while a bearded man with a monotone says “and how does that make you feel?” Therapy is, in my opinion, very effective. It is also expensive. As a college student, you have two major options for therapy

1. On campus: This is by far the cheapest, most convenient option. On. campus therapists are trained to deal specifically with college issues. As a student these services generally run from costing a few dollars a session to costing nothing at all. In general, you will go to health services, take a few multiple choice tests about how you’re feeling, and get assigned to a therapist.

When you sign up, ask if they have a short or long term therapy model. Short term means they will treat you regularly for about a year or so before referring you off campus. This saves you money and helps you getting settled that first year. But it also means that you have to switch therapists, a task that is annoying at best.

2. Off campus: Sessions are more expensive and harder to get to, generally requiring a car or good public transport. But you can be certain that your therapist has no allegiance to anyone besides you. Also you do not have to reveal your mental illness to your school if that makes you uncomfortable. You also have more freedom to chose your therapist if you go off campus. All therapists have slightly different approaches and techniques. If you go off campus for treatment then you can select the therapist that best matches your goals.

In therapy, I see myself in the mirror differently.”

                   Ricky Williams