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Why yes, I do have bipolar!

My name is Cat. I’m a senior at a university which shall remain nameless. Why nameless? Because this school has not been especially nice to me in regards to my mental illness. Not all schools are like this, but mine is.

Anyway, I am  a Computer Science major and also an Ancient Greek and Roman Civilization major. Yes, that is an odd combination. No, I have no idea what I’m going to do with it.

I was diagnosed with chronic treatment-resistant depression just after high school but on my 21st birthday I had an undeniably manic episode and my diagnosis changed to bipolar.


- Playing with my puppy

- Cheerios

- Anime

- facebook

- Theater

- Books

How do I deal?

Everyone has their own way of handling their mental illness. Personally, I am in therapy every other week (off campus) as well as on 3 different medications. I do yoga. Recently, I tried to train a Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD). Her name is Lucy and she does crucial things like remind me to take my meds and eat dinner. But she gets too distracted by people so I am career changing her to a Therapy Dog instead. She will be much happier. I am looking into getting a dog from a program that specializes in training service dogs to assist me.

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